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I can run fast. REALLY fast.

So I can get away with pretty much whatever I feel like.

Daphne Millbrook
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Daphne Millbrook. Speedster. Expert Thief. Nemesis. Potential Mother.
"Name's Daphne. I can run fast. REALLY fast."

An evolved human possessing superhuman speed, Daphne Millbrook is the perfect thief.

And she knows it.

And she'll make sure you do too.

For hearts_andminds: Daphne comes into the village after her death in episode 3.20, "Cold Snap." She is tiny, just a few inches over five feet, very petite. Her hair is blonde to the extreme, nearly bleached white and kind of ratty and ragged looking, most likely because of excessive bleaching, with a few dreadlocks twisted in. Her skin is fair and slightly freckled and her features are cute rather than striking or pretty.

[HeroesWiki entry on Daphne] ["Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration" part 1] ["Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration" part 2]

Not Daphne, not Brea Grant, not anybody who owns or is affiliated with either of them. RP journal only. Just fun stuff. I promise not to break anything. Really. :)